PACHAMAMA Spirit Festival In collaboration with AGAPE ZOE 13.-16. February Koh Phangan| Thailand, Jaran’s yoga-wellness-eatery

Donnerstag 13.-16.02.20 Einlass: 12:00 Uhr, Beginn: 13:00 Uhr Jaran’s yoga-wellness-eatery, Sri Thanu, 84280 Koh Phangan| Thailand

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4 days of sacred play, dissolving into the spirit of Mother earth, embracing the elements of our nature – in ritual and ceremony – together.

Beloved family, shining humans, explorers and dreamers, artists, dancers, poets, creators, lovers, mothers & brothers, welcome to Pachamama Spirit Festival: a sacred journey back to Earth, on the crystal island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

We extend our hearts, to invite you to join us in this dream of unity and community of healing; to tune into Harmony and Love, to shower an exquisite gift to yourself, to be a part of a divine transmission, of the love you seek to share and receive. .

Imagine a sacred tribe village, with offerings of live music, yoga, meditation, healing & movement arts, ecstatic dance & cacao ceremonies, kirtan and singing circles, sound temple, kids haven, inspiring markets with interactive performances, evening concerts & late night bonfires.

4 days of sacred play, dissolving into the spirit of Mother earth, embracing the elements of our nature, in ritual and ceremony, together.


From the gentle blissful voice of Ajeet Kaur with her band, to the tribal transmission of Kulam Project orchestra accompanied with incredible traveling musicians.

From the sacred Elemental guidance of Leeliu, to the vibrations of our KPN residents of ecstasy, ecstatic dance Djs Shay & Sandesh, our incredible musical soul leaders like Ajeet Kaur, Nalini Blossom, River Roots, Joe Löhrmann, Mojo, Pablo Ji, and many many more, arriving to this prayer together, to support a collective safe, nourishing space for all to express and explore fully.

**We are now gathering many special creatures and we continue to share and unveil the growing lineup, step by step and day by day, until the full line up will be presented.

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Come as you are, leave refreshed, inspired, connected, in LOVE!!

This festival is our collective prayer, to open our spirits, to unite in the heart, to give & receive, to Connect with each other, and to our true authentic beingness, becoming a transmission of light, a channel for Healing, collectively weaving this web of awakening and celebrating the sacred rhythms of Pachamama, in all her Glory!!

Wander between the different zones and explore the element of each day, reconnecting deeply with it & expressing through it, with international and local Space holders and Facilitators – then unite in ceremony and celebrate as one with live ecstatic orchestras, world class DJ’s and Singers.

Each day is lovingly dedicated to explore, embody & express a different aspect of our elemental nature – with deep respect and great gratitude, we call upon the 4 Elemental Forces:

Welcoming these intelligent energies to enter into our presence and bring their clearing, healing and transformational blessings.

Thank you Elemental Forces for being our guides and teachers on this sacred path of life, Thank you for being our partners and co-creators for this awakening journey.

We devote ourselves to PEACE. HARMONY. JOY. COMMUNITY. LOVE.

To serve from those spaces of BEing.

Join us, on a LOVE-O-LUTION mission, come back and circle in celebration, this vision, of unification, in co-creation, of this loving NEW HEARTH nation.

For all our ancestors, for all our relations.

For all our souls, seeking to return back home, communing heart to heart, walking side by side, in and with LOVE.

We breathe this prayer awake, we dedicate it to you Pachamama, For all you gift us, for your love, we offer it back to you, MA.


The Pachamama Spirit Festival village will hold a huge space located around the tropical gardens of Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery and Inner Walk venue, we are preparing a magical location, Shadowed by lush trees and greenery, trail around our village and enjoy the welcoming hospitality of our beautiful, heartfelt Thai native family.

Live zones, ecstatic zone, a bustling live market, restful yoga shalas, natural pond, a pool, healing zone, workshops zones and more facilities are being prepared for this adventure.


This Pachamama Spirit Festival is a conscious festival, sacred and honoring the planet as much as possible, it is an Alcohol and Drug free event. Dancing is barefoot and no smoking, talking or filming on the sacred spaces.

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